About – thelittlestsongbird

 Hey there!

 I’m Elena Amariucai, a twenty-two year old, goofy southern Ontario gal. I write about my experiences as a young female, living with depression, anxiety and diabetes, and things that  humble me and bring me joy in my day to day life!

I went to Western University for 3.5 years, studying music vocal performance for a year and a half until I switched into History for the remaining 2 years. It’s easy to see that right from the get go I didn’t go through the typical 4 year university experience that I had expected to endure.
While doing that, I was also working as a student leader for three years in various positions at Western, a camp counsellor during the summers, continued pursuing and writing music and performing, exploring nature, and also had an incredible group of friends, and close relationship with my family. Things were so good!
But what if I told you what truly had happened was I had worn myself down. What people didn’t realize was that on top of all this I was battling with severe depression, general anxiety, a back injury, irritable bowel, and type one diabetes. This kind of changes things, doesn’t it. 
I started writing once things had gotten at it’s worst for me. I had found hope in it, and discovered strength in myself that I didn’t know I had. Everything I had written in my journals and  in my blog are my musings from my struggle, my thoughts during my growth and, the things I’ve learned along the way. These are thoughts I had shared with only myself for a long time, but now want to open up about. I hope that through my adventure to find wellness,  I can help someone else that also feels they have lost their way.

 After taking a six month hiatus, I am back and am feeling so incredibly strong, humbled empowered, full of love and have a totally new perspective life. I’m headed back to school, and am now currently attending Laurier University to finish my degree in History, Classics & Archaeology, while continuing to pursue the things in life that make me happy!

If you are here reading this – I just want to say thank you! We all have our own incredible stories, and I know that you may not be able to relate to all of  mine,  but at the same time my personal stories are not unique and I hope you will be able to connect to them in a way that can give you comfort knowing you’re not alone. It means the world knowing that there are those who want to listen!

So much love, and kindness and all the sunshine sent your way from my heart to you!

​Xo – Elena