Ode to 2018: 8 Resolutions For This Year

 2017 was tough. I’m not going to lie and say I got through it gracefully. Good lordie, it was far from it at times…but I also would be lying if I said it wasn’t one heck of an adventure and that I’m happy with the person this year pushed me to become. I’m proud of the work I’ve put into myself; I’ve learned a lot about myself, and continue to get acquainted with myself as things change with time and I realize what’s important to me. That being said, I see where I am now, and know there are things I definitely want to challenge myself with, and work towards over the next year. Looking forward to doing these things to make this the best year yet! So here’s a big ol’ “cheers” to that!



1) Go on more adventures! Take these opportunities as often as they come up! I always like the idea of trying new things, but in practice, I tend to stick with what’s comfortable! But it’s when I’ve unexpectedly ventured out that I’ve found some of what are now my favourite things to do (canoeing and camping is a prime example of this)!

2) Take more time to art! I want to spend more time art-ing! It’s so therapeutic, and something I love passionately. Life gets crazy and I think we often forget to nurture these parts of us that are seemingly less important than what is an immediate need (ex. school). But once I get in that habit, I know I’ve found that I end up neglecting to feed the heart with this “soul food”. So… here’s to a year of art and full hearts… like that post-turkey-dinner kind of full heart.

3) Yoga, exercise, eat well…do good things for my body. The funny thing about going through depression is it can either make you emotionally eat or not want to eat at all. I somehow managed to fall into both categories due to medication changes. Either way, I’ve slowly started adding exercise back into my life, but want to fully commit to being a healthy happy duck in the new year (no more stress eating apple pie, I guess…) – because when you feel good physically, you feel better mentally, right? I’m starting the year by doing an at home 30-day yoga challenge through Yoga with Adriene! If you want to join me, go here for more info and sign up here! You’ll love her, I promise! This woman is so quirky and real, and makes yoga about YOU and what’s best for you! #FindWhatFeelsGood

4) Get my G2… Okay, this is a very personal goal that I just need to get done now haha! I’ve put it off for too long since driving always made me anxious (especially after being in a car accident years ago), and it was never very important in my life. But now it is and this is currently in the works! I’m excited to cross this one off the list. I will be a free bird!!

5) Have at least 3 signature dishes that I can make really really well! … anyone who knows me well knows my cooking skills are fairly questionable at best. But I think nailing three dishes in 365 days is totally doable! #babysteps

6) Study outside of the house. When most of your courses are online, or you’re swamped with school work, it’s so easy to get into the habit of working away at your studies while on your couch in sweatpants… and by the end of the day, realizing you haven’t interacted with a human all day! I want to break this pattern for me – start studying in the many amazing coffee shops Waterloo Region has to offer! (Settlement Co and Cafe 1842 (At the Huether Hotel) both have lots of plugs, and delish lattes… perfect for studying! Or Fiddleheads Smoothie Bar Cafe has kombucha on tap, and they just opened up a location uptown, on Bridgeport Road. ) Come join me sometime!

7) Get adequate sleep. I think this year is one where I’m going try and find a consistent sleep pattern! I know a lot of my hardest days are the ones where I definitely haven’t had enough sleep – usually due to weird dreams making me toss around all night. I’ve been trying to stop myself from eating late (Christmas has been bad for this), and would like to try and get away from being on my phone before bed. Both these things make for a restless night for me. If you have any sleep tips that don’t involve popping any more pills, throw them at me!! I’d love ideas 🙂

8) Be forgiving with myself. I think this is what I still struggle with the most, and hope by the end of 2018 I will see improvement in the way I treat myself, mentally. When things go badly for me, due to not having perfect mental health, I put a lot of blame on myself. I get frustrated when it only allows me to cross two things off of my to-do list, when I had planned to complete five by the end of the day. I beat myself up for having to leave social situations early because I’m feeling anxious, or when it impacts my ability to work. In this sense, I am my own worst enemy because while doing this I invalidate all the work I’ve put into becoming healthier and stronger, and loving myself. So I plan to try and better appreciate my accomplishments, so I can learn to forgive myself when things don’t work out. I am human (…occasionally I seem more like a cat… but that’s beside the point haha).  I shouldn’t expect to be perfect at all times when I am just human. And there’s beauty in what’s imperfect!

Well there we are! These are just some of the many things I look forward to for this coming year! A year filled with just as much love, just as much growth and learning, and hopefully many many more adventures and surprises to look forward to! Praying for good health, and prosperity for everyone, and a little extra love for those that may need the boost and reminder as we enter the new year! Things do get better; They do get easier. And life is so so worth it.

Sending so many hugs to you, and my friends and family… and all the love in my heart,


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