Finding Direction and Self Fulfilment

My brain decided to keep me up again. To try and analyze my life and make sense of it, and the direction I’ve taken. I was frustrated by the fact that society views life so linearly. That there’s a right way to progress. That careers and degrees are the way to show your self-worth on paper.But what if life isn’t linear at all? What if, to me, life is like a mind map? Like I’m the trunk of a tree with branches upon branches extending from me with accomplishments I’ve made and goals I’m working towards? I’ve realized that for me I was never meant to take the standard path. That I’m not in school to get a job, but to rather learn and expand my knowledge and way of thinking. That instead of focusing on a career first, I decided to focus on myself and become acquainted with my mind and soul and find a deep connection with myself to help gain a strong sense of self-awareness and inner peace. What if my music, and my writing, and my love for helping people all define me as a human more than my career goals?

I think that it doesn’t matter which way we progress. It just matters that we are still working towards progressing and growing and learning. We are not as simple as a single linear timeline. If you are working on your career – that’s incredible! If you are working on finding yourself – that’s equally as amazing! If you are pursuing one of your passions, learning a new skill, helping yourself, helping others, engaging in your hobbies, exploring the world to gain a better understanding of it and where we all fit in on this planet… I think that’s so wonderful!

Life stages aren’t so simple. Remember, whichever path you take, that as long as you’re working towards self-growth – you are not falling behind. You’re just choosing to expand different branches. ❤️

One Reply to “Finding Direction and Self Fulfilment”

  1. Well said! People are like snowflakes, each unique, each travelling its own path, and each beautiful in its own way.


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