…on personal growth and self love

Had the most amazing, eye-opening discussion with my therapist this morning after I complained about not being the same energetic person I used to be and I felt that my mental health was still able to control me to a degree. But she changed my perspective – leaving me thankful for what I’ve gone through.She helped me come to realize that who I was before was energetic but also self-conscious, a perfectionist, someone who wanted to please everyone, and was constantly keeping myself busy. I still love doing things for people and being so involved and upbeat – but that person wasn’t truly happy! That person was completely burnt out – wanting to please others but in turn wasn’t able to do the same for myself. I found my joys from external sources.

Looking at myself now it came to light that although I’m not perfectly myself yet, I have grown so much from my wellness journey, and I have gained strength where I had lacked it. Today I was able to look at myself and see that it’s okay to not be the person I was before because I’ve become this more grounded, self-aware human! I feel way more confident, full of love and empathy, more aware of the beauty that surrounds me every day – where I didn’t see it before, and I feel so much more connected and in tune with with myself. I now can find a sense of calm and inner happiness from within me which I had never felt before. That is so liberating!!! .

I feel so much better now knowing that just because you are not who you used to be , doesn’t mean that you haven’t become who you’re supposed to be now! Change can be so beautiful if you allow yourself to grow from it 💛🌲🌻 .

Just wanted to share that tidbit of love for those who may need it as much as I did this week! ❤

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