Greed VS Kindness: What is Human Nature?

I didn’t want the recent state of the world to take such a toll on my emotions but I couldn’t help but feel fairly empty when I woke up this morning. I’m saddened that we live in a world where leaders can gain control by instilling fear into the people; and love, acceptance, and equality are overwhelmed by actions of hatred, judgment, and selfishness.
What I have taken from this historical moment in time is that love and kindness are the only ways we can ever really move forward.

Love one another, accept those both like you and who are different. Better yet, welcome those who are different with open arms and learn from them, rather than shutting them out because they have a lifestyle you don’t understand. I believe in equality of all genders, races, religions and sexual orientations. I believe women have a right to feel safe and not be talked about in locker rooms, or handled in a way that is less than human. I believe that women should have the choice to have an abortion without consequences because the emotional toll it can take to make such a decision is painful enough, and because we all have a right to make decisions about our own bodies. I am a feminist. And I believe that we have a right to be viewed as equal and that although my strengths may be different based on my biological makeup – my strengths aren’t any less important than those of a man. But yet, both men and women have tremendous pressures from society to act a certain way and look a certain way in order to be accepted or viewed as normal…when really we should be embracing everyone for who they are and not what society tells us we should be. We all have a right to overall wellness, and by knocking those down based on their mental or physical health, body, religion etc… this pushes humanity farther apart from each other.

​At the end of the day I have one hope:
That people will look around and take in the different people that surround them every day. Understand that all those people have a different story, and all those people and their stories deserve to be appreciated and listened to. Listen to each other. Take care of those around you. Remind people they are important. Hold the door for a stranger. Offer a hug to someone who you think may need it. Showing those instilled with fear and anger that there is love in the world and that it can be more powerful than war, and judgment and hate… this is the only way for the betterment of humankind.

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